During the visit of my sister, I made a long list of places I wanted to show her. When she arrived tired and overcame the jet lag she told me – “show me everything what delight you”. So I showed her : )

We visited canyons, national parks and forests, deserts, and… more canyons : ) That was the piece of wild and beautiful American nature.

The last day when my sister was packing her suitcases she told me – “I want to see the Getty Museum”. I thought that I might have shown her to much nature ; )

On the way to the Getty Center

I must admit that it was a wonderful end of our trip and that shows me who my sister is and who I am. Many people claim that we are so very similar to each other, and we always when we hear this we laugh loudly ; ) Of course we have many similarities, but thanks to differences we can complement and inspire each other.

That Profile - Martin Puryear (1999)

I have always known that the expert in art in our family has been my sister. I also love art, but you can meet me more often running and searching for colorful murals than in a secluded museum. Certainly, art connects us. Although, each of us expresses oneself in a slightly different way, this is our common denominator.

Bronze Form - Henry Moore (1985)
Draped Reclining Mother and Baby - Henry Moore (1983)

Our visit in the Getty Museum was not just ordinary visit to the museum. This was my private trip with art. My eyes sparkled in Joshua Tree’s, while my sister blossomed in the place full of art. She knew almost everything about art!  That was not only the knowledge of the most important works of art. That was much more. She knew all the details, including history of art, biographies of painters and methods of preserving of  these amazing works of art. I was delighted.

Contact with art always enrich us, touch our souls. We sharpen our senses. Contact with art lovers changes the fascination of art into love for art. So let’s search for guides and connoisseurs of art. Look for sensitive people, who can see much more in strokes of the brush. Let’s look for mortals who keep the art alive. Promoters and experts. Without them, we can enjoy art, but with them we can sincerely fall in love with it.Thank you my dearest Guide! <3

Well, not everyone can have a guide like me : ) but everyone can visit the Getty museum which I strongly recommend. This place is amazing. Absolutely fantastic. Geometric construction of light-reflecting buildings gives a striking effect. The location of the museum is also not accidental, because the view we have from the terrace is so magnificent. Everything is well thought out and is very well composed as a whole.

Boy with Frog - Charles Ray

Leaving the museum, I looked at the sentence of Robert Irwin’s who designed the gardens: “Always changing, never twice the same.” I leave you with this message, which refers not only to plants, but also to us. We all change, every day. All that surrounds us. All of whom we met and who influenced us. It all enriches us, makes us aware and it changes us. I have also changed, but I remained myself.

The J. Paul Getty Museum is located in two locations in California. The Getty Center that I described today is located in Los Angeles and was opened in 1997, and the Getty Villa, which was built in 1974, is in Malibu.

At the museum, we can see ancient art and European painting. Among the most outstanding works of painting we can admire Vincent van Gogh’s “Irises” (1889), Titian’s “Venus and Adonis” (1554) and many other wonderful works. We can also admire Polish accent and beautiful painting by Bernardo Bellotto “The Procession of Our Lady of Grace in Front of Krasiński Palace” (1778).

The Procession of Our Lady of Grace in Front of Krasiński Palace - Bernardo Bellotto (1778)
Irises - Vincent van Gogh (1889)

And me ; ) very long time ago ; ) 
Diana and Her Dog - Sebastiano Ricci (1700-1705) 

Diana and Her Nymphs Bathing - Jean Francois de Troy (1722-1724)