I wanted to see this place as soon as I came to the US and I have waited only for the opportunity to do this. I have waited for almost four months, and when my sister visited me we went for a long trip together and then I knew that this day would come soon : ) Thank you my beloved sis : ) and thank you for being my amazing photographer in a dessert.

We wave to Sin City fading out in the rearview mirrors of our car and we start looking for a very mysterious place in the dessert. This place’s name is Seven Magic Mountains. Wow, how cool this must be : )

We reach the place and we all can see these monumental rocks painted with amazing colors. They look absolutely fantastic. But what does this installation symbolize? We are in the middle of nowhere ; ) We see mountains, desert, wild nature and… a highway : ) and of course Seven Magic Mountains. Why are they so magical? I know why. Because they are not real. This is the magic, this is the power of art. Magic is illusion. Magic is not true. But so many times, this is so beautiful illusion.

But magic gives us something very precious. Gives us hope. And gives us dreams. Gives us inspiration. And then we are more creative. We want to change something. We want to believe in magic. And those who believe, they can turn a false in a pure truth.

The artist who believes is Ugo Rondinone and he wants show us what is true and what is false. Thats why he set up this installation in the middle of wild dessert, very close to Las Vegas, full of fake landmarks, fake dreams, and full of colors and lights.

The colorful rocks are amazing and beautiful, but still these are only a rocks.

For me, this installation has a very important message. You must see the truth! In everything what you see. Find your truth and always, always look for things and people who inspire you. This is the only way to find true yourself.