That day couldn’t be more awesome. Now I am 100% sure what lifts me up. What gives me so much good energy and what makes my face having big smile all day and many days after that : ) Looking for new places when I can find murals is definitely one of my favourite things to do. All day long. I’m so glad I found another person who was truly impressed with all beautiful street art with me. That is absolutely amazing if your passion inspires others and gives them the same kick as you get.

That day we were exploring a new territory in Los Angeles – Arts District. You can find there beautiful murals almost on every wall. You can find people, who love street art just like you. You can find people who take photos for work which is also very inspiring. Finally you can meet artists who are painting a new mural and share with them a passion for street art. You can find even more, but first of all you just must try it.

Let’s go together for a walk down the streets of Arts District. But be careful, because street art is addicting. But that is so beautiful addiction.

Low Bros