Supposedly the first step should be the most important one. But is it always the case? I agree that the first step is very important and of course it is necessary, but very often this step we take unconsciously. Only when we take the second step we see what the first one was. Sometimes this first step was so long time ago that we forget about it, but it turns out that this first step started another important one. Maybe the most important, because the second step is always more aware. It requires our maturity and awareness to take it. First of all, you need to overcome the fear.

My first step on The Pacific Crest Trail was when I read Cheryl Strayed book “Wild. From lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail”” for the first time. At that time my fascination of this amazing trail was born in my head.

Today, I overcame just a little bit of my fear about PCT. This is my second step and now I’m a bit closer to the day when I will go a little longer way on The Pacific Crest Trail. Today, I lace up my shoes. Today, I put a backpack on my shoulders. Today, I go for my very special walk. Today, I put my feet on The Pacific Crest Trail.

And you know what happened? Now I want more : )

My special walk was near Big Bear City. If you want to find the PCT sign you can drive the highway 18 and look for intersection with Balwin Lake Road. A little bit further The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the highway 18 and here you can start your walk : ) Below you can find the map and hints how to find The Pacific Crest Trail : ) I hope it will be helpful for you : ) Take a second step and enjoy your trail!